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Closer collaboration among clinical care team members.

Balancing workloads. Making the most of the time you have.

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Connect Care. Drive clinical excellence.

Connected care requires secure access to images and information, presented in a clinically relevant manner. With the IntelliSpace PACS enterprise imaging solution, Philips couples advanced informatics and intelligent clinical workflows with a risk-sharing business model, proactive system monitoring, and maintenance to ensure business continuity. Powerful integration capabilities ensure seamless incorporation into your organization’s infrastructure, including your EMR system. By intelligently capturing and transforming patient data and images into rich actionable information, we empower you to make fast, informed clinical decisions wherever care is delivered.


Enhanced collaboration between radiology and oncology. Transforming the value care process across the healthcare enterprise.
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Across the entire enterprise - enabling technology


IntelliSpace PACS enterprise imaging solution leverages the power of your clinical images to seamlessly unite your systems, facilities and clinicians. We partner with you to drive clinical performance and economic value within and beyond the walls of your enterprise. Our patented Philips iSyntax technology enables fast access to images and information over limited bandwidth throughout the enterprise. Image archival on spinning disk lets you quickly access even the oldest prior studies. Storage, archival, and display technology for radiology, cardiology and visible light information makes IntelliSpace PACS enterprise imaging a valuable resource in multiple departments. Zero footprint technology allows secure and painless rollout to the enterprise, and a powerful, open API allows deep interoperability with other applications which are relevant for patient care. In addition, our business model facilitates growth by reducing relative cost when growing and by tailoring information available to different parts of the organization or outside referrers.

IntelliSpace PACS applications

IntelliSpace PACS Anywhere

IntelliSpace PACS iSyntax Technology

IntelliSpace PACS iVault

Enterprise imaging that enhances Radiology workflow, collaboration and clinical power


IntelliSpace PACS Radiology solution puts tools for efficient viewing and diagnosis at your fingertips. Its comprehensive workflow functionality organizes your work, and a patient timeline provides instant access to each patient's previous imaging studies. You can customize hanging protocols, including 3D cross-sectional imaging, to suit your needs. You can also access more than 60 advanced clinical image applications, which reduces the need for dedicated advanced application workstations.

The system also features collaboration functionality to help improve clinical teamwork, and analytics tools that assimilate disparate sources of data to help you improve efficiency and performance.

Mammography workstation

IntelliSpace PACS Mammography

IntelliSpace PACS advanced mammography functionality – including tomosynthesis support – helps reduce need for dedicated mammography workstations.



IntellliSpace VL Capture

Radiology Analytics

Unified PACS, unified vision

As a result of the migration to Philips IntelliSpace PACS, UCHealth projects a five year savings of 11.1 million USD, as well as improved workflow, ready access to images for enhanced patient care, and a flexible and nimble structure that is poised to adapt to new acquisitions.

From health system perspective, any patient should be able to get identical, high quality, standardized care any place in the system - and PACS is part of that. Standardizing imaging protocols, workflow, and the structure and content of reports is essential, as is making sure clinicians can see prior studies and historical records.”

— Peter Sachs, M.D., Associate Professor of Radiology, University of Colorado School of Medicine, Section Chief of Cardiothoracic Imaging and Vice Chair of Informatics, Department of Radiology, and Radiology Physician Informaticist, University of Colorado Health

The Power of ONE

Discover the potential of our combined solutions for a more streamlined workflow and better informed decision making.



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