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Enhancing the patient and staff experience

Real insights from real patients: Unique research study reveals experiences of imaging procedures

Enhancing the patient experience of imaging: A survey of patient responses to recent imaging procedures.

Are patients generally satisfied with their experiences in imaging? Are radiology departments meeting patient expectations? What’s the most effective way to communicate between patients and staff to ensure the best result? A newly released study* of 603 patients in the U.S. and Germany sheds some light.

While 77% of patients surveyed rated their overall experience as very good or excellent, deeper insights reveal where and how imaging can be made better for patients. Of their priorities, patients cited the following needs as very important or extremely important:


It’s important that I trust my referring doctor


I want an effective scan with minimal dose


I want the right image the first time to reduce repeat scans


Minimal wait times to receive results

Are you missing the patient behind the image? Download our research report now to learn how your service can provide more patient-centered imaging.


* Study conducted July 2017 by Kantar TNS in The Netherlands, based on prior qualitative research in April-May 2017. N=603. USA=297; GER=306. Interviews were approximately 25 minutes.

New research reveals patients’ experiences of imaging procedures


Are you missing the patient behind the image? Download our research report now to learn how your service can provide more patient-centered imaging.

From the frontlines  of radiology, from your peers

Ensuring patient comfort and satisfaction. Adapting to the advances of technology in the imaging suite. Pressures on time and workload that reduce direct patient communication. Tracking down imaging data from disparate systems.

A wide variety of factors can impact the day-to-day experiences of radiologists today, so we asked your peers to share with us their perspectives, insights and outcomes to explore where radiology is today and where it’s going.

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The patient experience by the numbers


See how factors like patient anxiety, comfort and stress impact your ability to get the right image – and a confident diagnosis –  the first time.

Cost of patient stress in MR

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Innovating radiology to help deliver a confident diagnosis the first time

Download: A call to action: Creating imaging confidence through a first time right approach


Is the connection between your patient’s experience and their imaging outcomes clear?

Download: The patient factor: Imaging beyond the scan

Customer stories in radiology

Increase efficiency

of Ultrasound


Learn how Lakeland Regional Medical Center increases efficiency in the Emergency Department for ultrasound.

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An imaging suite designed by patients


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Integrating IT at UCHealth


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Enhancing patient and staff experience in MRI


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Video gallery

Hear from peers how advanced technologies and product innovations from Philips are creating enhanced imaging and experiences for patients and staff


Advanced technologies and product innovations
The MR patient journey. Augmented.

Philips working with the University of Vermont in the field of cognitive development.

The MR patient journey. Augmented.

See how we collaborated with Lahey Health to confidently deliver the right images and insights




The MR patient journey. Augmented.

Virtual reality shows what to expect before an MRI scan



The MR patient journey. Augmented.

See how patients experience MRI at Lahey Hospital



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