Advanced obstetric visualization 

Tools for photorealistic fetal rendering

Philips suite of advanced visualization features allow you to easily acquire lifelike 3D images. Philips TrueVue and GlassVue, with internal light source, deliver photorealistic fetal images. aReveal automatic 3D segmentation allows you to reveal the fetal face with one touch.

Moveable internal light source

Philips TrueVue, with its virtual light source, is a proprietary advanced 3D ultrasound display method that delivers amazing lifelike 3D ultrasound image and gives the operator the ability to move the light source anywhere in the 3D volume. The flexibility of the light source allows the user to manipulate light and shadow on anatomical structures to enhance clinical confidence and may foster maternal-fetal bonding.


Philips TrueVue EPIQ ultrasound V6-2 transducer
TrueVue’s presentation is more “lifelike” than traditional rendering algorithms.

Interactive touch panel

With TouchVue, an interactive interface, users can utilize the system’s touch panel to allow fingertip control of both volume rotation and position of the internal light source directly on the TrueVue 3D image.
Philips obstetric ultrasound imaging with TrueVue.
Easily manipulate images using the touch panel.

Transparent view of fetal anatomy

Philips GlassVue, with internal light source, provides an early, more transparent view of the fetal anatomy than traditional ultrasound. The advanced 3D imaging tool goes beyond the surface to reveal bone, organs, and other internal structures. Users have control over a flexible light source and the amount of transparency in the 3D volume.
Philips GlassVue EPIQ First Trimester OB Light source
GlassVue illuminates early OB.

Automatic 3D segmentation

Philips aReveal automatically sculpts away extraneous data around the fetal face by recognizing the geometry of the skull. One touch reveals the face and one touch reverses the process. aReveal works with both TrueVue and traditionally rendered 3D volumes.
Philips Affiniti ultrasound fetal face aReveal Not-applied
Before aReveal
Philips Affiniti ultrasound fetal face aReveal applied
After aReveal

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