Bringing patient care to the 5th
floor with BlueSeal MR at Pacifica Salud in Panama

By Philips ∙ Featuring Dr. Eduardo Onodera | April, 2024 | 3:46 min



Magnetic resonance

Installing an MR on the 5th floor of a commercial building

At a glance

  • See how an MR installation is possible on the 5th floor of a mixed-use building.
  • Discover how the lighter weight and the minimal use of helium of a BlueSeal MR increase the siting options for MRI.

With a focus on high-quality service and clinical excellence, Pacifica Salud addresses the diverse needs of expats and locals alike. Their decision to purchase a BlueSeal MR system was driven by its innovative design, using minimal helium and its lighter weight, which perfectly aligned with the architectural concept of the radiology department on the 5th floor.

“The fact that it is a sealed system that uses a smaller amount of helium it uses only seven liters of helium, and this is the reason why the system is much lighter and suitable for the architectural design concept, in which the radiology department is on the 5th floor and communicates with other buildings of medical offices and even a shopping center.“

Dr. Eduardo Onodera

Chief of Radiology

Pacifica Salud Costa del Este Panama

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