Screen Trends Clinical decision support tool

Screen Trends

Clinical decision support tool

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IntelliVue patient monitors make flexible views of information available at the bedside. Trending and display capabilities are built into every model, giving clinicians powerful tools for real-time clinical analysis.

Real-time clinical analysis tools

Real-time clinical analysis tools to display deviations

IntelliVue's flexible trending and display capabilities give clinicians powerful tools for real-time clinical analysis by providing context, highlighting patterns, and, for the first time, making deviations instantly recognizable.
Designed to reduce data fatigue

Designed to reduce data fatique and simplify viewing

Trend data and current data are in one place, so it’s easy for staff to focus. All numerics, real-time waves, and trends for a given measurement are the same color. Visual data elements are bold and easily identified.
Trending display

Trending display puts data in context

Compressed wave data puts current values in context. Aligned gridlines and time scales make it simple to evaluate several measurement trends at the same time.
Screen Trends

Screen Trends offer a useful view over time

Screen trends are extremely flexible, displaying anywhere from 30 minutes to 12 hours. Select a single parameter to display as a screen trend or group different parameters together. Grouped parameters all appear in the same format, with the same gridlines.
Horizon trends

Horizon trends provide context

Horizon trending extends the screen trend as a clinical decision support tool. This remarkable view focuses on deviations from a baseline the clinician chooses. The baseline could reflect a starting status or a goal value. Shaded graph trends clearly illustrate deviations over time. A bold deviation bar gives graphic impact to the patient’s current status. And the trend indicator arrow shows the general direction of the patient’s measurements over the preceding 10 minutes of data.
Graphical and tabular trends

Graphical and tabular trends help synthesize meaningful information

Graphical trends are especially useful in groups. To make correlation easier, grouped trends have the same duration. Also, when a graphical trend appears on the screen with its corresponding real-time wave, the scales are identical.
Tabular trends

Tabular trends are embedded in the screen

Tabular trends are available for the following aperiodic measurements: non-invasive blood pressure (NBP); cardiac output (C.O./C.I.) ; pulmonary artery wedge pressure (PAWP);– intrathoracic blood volume (ITBV/ITBVI); cardiac function index (CFI); and neuromuscular monitoring (TOFcnt/TOFrat).