Horizon Trends Trend measurement display

Horizon Trends

Trend measurement display

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This horizontal split screen displays Horizon Trend measurements below real-time waves for enhanced information to aid clinical decision-making. Horizon Trends is built into every Philips IntelliVue patient monitor.

Screen-trend display option

Screen-trend display option to quickly spot deviations

A screen-trend display option for IntelliVue patient monitors, Horizon Trends provide graphical representations of vital sign changes to make deviations clear at a glance.
Horizon Trend parameters

Horizon Trend parameters to meet a variety of clinical needs

The deviation bar displays the current measurement in relation to a clinician-determined baseline. The trend indicator shows the general trend of patient measurements over the past two, five, or ten minutes. The graphic trend (optional) displays trends over the past 30 minutes to 12 hours.
Clear visual clues

Clear visual clues make it easy to see changes

Simplicity is seeing more in a single glance. Horizon Trends provide nearly-instantaneous visual information of how a patient’s measurements relate to baseline or target values, and how measurements are trending. They save the time it takes to compare current measurements with past measurements in a patient’s chart and offer visual clues to make changes noticable as they occur.