Warranty details page will give you access to:


Warranty Number

Philips Service Warranty number

Start and End Date

Start and End Date of the Warranty



Location name associated with the Installed Products covered by a given Warranty.



Account name associated with the Installed Products covered by a given Warranty.

Related Items:

Warranty Inquiry

Allows you to send an inquiry** regarding a Warranty.

Moreover, you may also see the following tabs:



Cases covered by this particular Warranty.


Installed Products

Installed Products covered by this Waranty.



Documents relating to Installed Products covered by a given Warranty such as:

  • Customer Service Reports (CSR) / Action Notification Report (ANR) - Engineer’s summary of the service performed.
  • Test and Inspection Results - Predicitive Maintenance specific report based on the feedback from the engineer.

By default, you will see documents created within 60 days. You can always change the filter criteria by clicking Adjust display criteria button.

Depending on the country some of the above documents may not be visible in the portal.

** Depending on the country and/or authorization assigned to the user, information/functionality may or may not be visible/available.

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