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    Radiation therapy can be effective in helping patients overcome cancer. At the same time, radiotherapy processes are often fragmented and inefficient. Uncertainties along the way can impact quality and make it difficult to consistently provide accurate, timely treatment. Care teams want to reduce these uncertainties, and be more confident in their ability to deliver seamless, targeted therapy for each individual patient. Imaging plays a critical role, whether you are looking to enhance understanding of tumor characteristics, improve delineation of target volume and organs and structures at risk, increase accuracy of therapy delivery, or better assess patient response to treatment.

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    03 April 2020 - 07 April 2020

    Vienna, Austria

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    Philips is preparing to showcase an innovative portfolio of dedicated radiotherapy solutions that span imaging to treatment planning. Get ready to test our latest innovations at ESTRO 2020.

    iPatient for Big Bore CT

    iPatient for CT Big Bore

    iPatient offers patient centered imaging workflow that helps to drive consistency in image quality from scan to scan across diverse patient populations.
    RTdrive MR Prostate

    MRI in RT - workflow innovations

    Learn how to realize the benefits of MRI in the radiotherapy workflow. Check out our newest workflow innovations in MR-only simulation and intelligent workflow automation with MR-based Auto-Contouring.
    Pinnacle3 16.2 with PlanIQ

    Pinnacle3 16.2 with PlanIQ


    Improve your plan quality and optimize your workflow with PlanIQ. Introducing an improved DICOM connectivity, and PlanIQ integration in Pinnacle3. Stay tuned!





    Philips offers a proven portfolio of dedicated radiotherapy solutions that span diagnostic imaging to treatment planning. By integrating tools, systems, and software – we help you to improve patient care, accelerate time to treatment and enhance patient satisfaction. We work with you to understand sources of uncertainty and inefficiency throughout the process. Then we help address them with advanced imaging solutions, scalable and customizable treatment planning, and intelligent workflow automation. And as a committed partner, we help you maximize value and future-proof your investments. Together with Philips, you can make your workflow simple, fast, and precise from start to finish. And be certain you can deliver consistent treatment results.

    Increase accuracy across imaging, planning and treatment

    While targeted radiotherapy can be effective, uncertainties throughout the process – from imaging to planning to treatment – can impact quality. Our solutions are designed to reduce these uncertainties, improve accuracy and enhance your ability to assess therapy response and adapt the treatment plan if needed. All this helps you confidently deliver consistent quality of care.

    Accelerate time to treatment

    Current Philips Radiation Oncology solutions workflows are often fragmented, labor-intensive and timeconsuming. Our solutions integrate workflows across imaging, planning and treatment so you can standardize best practices and enhance patient care. Intelligent automation helps improve consistency and reduce time spent on labor-intensive tasks, while shortening time to treatment.

    Maximize value of your investment

    Radiotherapy continues to evolve. You need to invest to meet the demands of today, while maintaining your ability to take advantage of new technologies. Philips provides dedicated radiotherapy solutions that span imaging to treatment planning. With a proven legacy of industry-leading innovations, we help your care teams deliver quality care. And as a committed partner, we provide flexible upgrade and service options, consulting services and continuous education programs to allow you to maximize the value of your investments over the entire life cycle.

    Improve patient satisfaction

    Radiotherapy treatment can be a burden for patients. Quality of the experience has been proven to correlate with outcomes and patient satisfaction is becoming an increasingly important performance indicator. Our solutions are designed to improve satisfaction for patients and their families by reducing time to treatment and enhancing comfort. And they help enhance clinical staff satisfaction by simplifying workflows so teams can spend more time focused on patient care.

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