IntelliVue TcG10 Transcutaneous gas measurement module

IntelliVue TcG10

Transcutaneous gas measurement module

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The IntelliVue TcG10 gas measurement module measures the partial pressure of the oxygen and carbon dioxide that diffuses through the skin, providing a measure of these gases in the capillary blood.

Continuous monitoring

Continuous monitoring for fragile patients

While transcutaneous monitoring cannot replace arterial blood gas monitoring, it can be used to reduce the frequency of arterial sampling. The TcG10 module is particularly well suited for use in the NICU, offering a non-invasive means of continuous monitoring for these fragile patients. It can also be used with adult and pediatric patients.
Reliable performance

Reliable performance

The IntelliVue TcG10 module is compatible to Radiometer Sensor 84 with a remembrane interval of only 14 days. The In Vivo Correction feature allows the clinician to adjust measurement values based on lab results.
Easy collaboration with the IntelliVue family

IntelliBridge provides communication connection

The IntelliVue TcG10 module can be connected to Philips IntelliVue patient monitors via the IntelliBridge EC10 device interfacing module or IntelliBridge Interface Board. This provides easy communication with the IntelliVue patient monitoring platform, including a common user interface, automatic data integration, and flexible mounting solutions.
Continuous monitoring

Ready to go

The IntelliVue TcG10 module has built-in, automatic calibration that reduces the need for manual handling and cuts set-up time. Its “Smart Heat” feature can reduce time needed until the first measurement.