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Customer story: Through a strategic partnership, Mandaya Royal Hospital Puri creates a new standard of patient-centered care in Indonesia

  • Improved access and quality of care for patients
  • Increased clinical confidence and collaboration with advanced technology innovations  
  • Enabled organizational agility and efficiency

Mandaya Royal Hospital Puri

Mandaya Royal Hospital Puri (MRHP) is a private national referral hospital in Jakarta that provides care for patients from Indonesia and surrounding areas. MRHP’s mission is to make patient-centered care and world-class healthcare services more easily accessible to patients and families throughout the region. Prior to the opening of MRHP, many patients traveled significant distances to receive personalized care and advanced medical treatment.

Digital transformation was essential for MRHP. A key goal was to improve connectivity—of data and systems across the care continuum—to deliver more effective, integrated, and personalized care at scale. Through a strategic partnership with Philips, MRHP was able to create a state-of-the-art medical facility with the latest innovations in enterprise diagnostic imaging, connected care and informatics.

250 plus Inpatient beds
6 Operating theaters
100 Outpatient exam rooms

From design through implementation and execution, Philips supported MHRP on its journey to create an integrated healthcare model and exceptional experience for both patients and families. MRHP opened its doors to patients in October of 2021 and won an award for outstanding patient experience and hospitality shortly thereafter.

Dr. Ben Widaja

Digital transformation

Through the partnership, MRHP has implemented first-of-kind technologies and connected AI-driven solutions that enable access to patient information and clinical insights throughout the care journey.

When saving lives depends on making informed decisions in high-pressure, high-stakes situations, Philips digital technology plays an increasingly significant role in providing superior healthcare at modern hospitals like Mandaya Hospital."

Dr. Ben Widaja

President Director, Mandaya Hospital Group

Working together to solve complex problems, MRHP and Philips integrated cutting-edge digital technologies and optimized workflow solutions to support clinical decision-making, staff efficiency and operational excellence. These solutions enhanced clinical confidence and a more precise diagnosis for patients. 

Featured solutions

MRHP was able to utilize a comprehensive suite of the latest advanced technology and solutions from Philips in the new facility.

Philips Ingenia Ambition MR and Ambient Experience

Philips Ingenia Ambition MR and Ambient Experience

Ingenia Ambition MR combined with Ambient Experience enables MRHP to offer patients faster, more comfortable, personalized MR scans. Ingenia Ambition’s environmentally friendly, helium-free MR operations produce high-quality images while reducing magnet quench risk and the amount of time MRHP patients spend under the magnet. Ambient Experience uses dynamic lighting, projection, and sound to enhance the patient and staff experience at Mandaya Hospital.

Philips IntelliSpace Critical Care and Anesthesia (ICCA)

Philips Ingenia Ambition MR and Ambient Experience

ICCA offers advanced interconnectivity between patient monitors and other medical devices. Now, MRHP clinicians can continuously monitor a patient’s condition live in one integrated dashboard. Structured documentation and analysis support quick and precise clinical decision-making.

Philips IntelliVue Guardian Solution (IGS)

Philips Ingenia Ambition MR and Ambient Experience

Continuous patient monitoring with IGS helps MRHP reduce the administrative burden on caregivers and increase their time spent with patients. Embedded AI-enabled early warning scoring provides actionable insights. Multi-device data sharing supports improved care team communication at Mandaya Hospital.

In addition to the turnkey solution bundle above, MRHP will be utilizing Philips Azurion 7 for image-guided therapy in its Heart and Vascular Center. Through the strategic partnership, Mandaya Hospital was also able to leverage Philips expertise in other areas, including: IT solutions; design consultancy; project management and performance optimization; maintenance services; and integrating third-party equipment.

A flexible, new business model

To support its ambitious plans, MRHP needed flexible financing. Philips Capital’s consultative approach and innovative business model options provided a cost-effective financial solution that met MRHP’s business requirements.

Potential savings in interest costs
Long term financing with soft collateral
Grace period for minimum cash outflows

The unique contract structure and financing provided through Philips Capital enabled MRHP to acquire more advanced technology and systems beyond what was originally planned for the hospital and clinical centers of excellence. With this expanded technology footprint and enhanced connectivity, MRHP can support and optimize workflow and staff efficiency, while helping ensure continuous improvement and operational agility.

As a health care leader, you ask yourself: Do you want to stay the same and do things ‘normally’? Or do you want to be the pioneer, the leader in introducing services to adapt to new patient needs?"1

Dr. Ben Widaja

President Director, Mandaya Hospital Group

About Mandaya Royal Hospital Puri

Mandaya Royal Hospital Puri (MRHP) is a world-class private hospital in Indonesia with 250+ inpatient bed capacity, six operating theaters, 100+ outpatient examination rooms and advanced equipment such as Spectral CT and high-gradient MRI; and an advanced catheter lab with intravascular ultrasound. MRHP is managed by Mandaya Hospital Group, the healthcare subsidiary of Selaras Holding.

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How can your organization create ecosystems of care to improve patient outcomes at lower cost? Together we can identify new opportunities and create future-ready solutions designed to help your organization succeed.

Partner with purpose

How can your organization create ecosystems of care to improve patient outcomes at lower cost? Together we can identify new opportunities and create future-ready solutions designed to help your organization succeed.


1 Harvard Business Review Analytic Services report: Ensuring Agility and Connectivity in Today’s Health Care Landscape, January 2022

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