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Perform spine procedures with confidence and precision

    Today patients with spine disease have several treatment options, being open and minimally invasive spinal fusion procedures. During these procedures, advanced real-time image guidance is getting more and more critically important in helping you get a better understanding of the anatomical structure and define the correct pathway for device placement.

    Our Spine surgery solution offers a wide range of imaging platforms and spinal navigation software for image guided spinal surgery. Using procedure-specific tools can help support you in improving your results.

    Spine image

    Spine suite - With our spine surgery solutions, we can help support increased confidence in decision-making and placements of implants through 2D and 3D imaging and navigation tools

    With our solutions for spine surgery you have the innovations at hand that can support you to improve treatment outcomes.

    With our solutions for spine surgery you have the innovations at hand that empower you to redefine outcomes for your spine patients.

    With the increasing complexity of spine surgeries and requirements for both open and minimally invasive procedures, our Spine suite solution offers a state of-the-art hybrid operating room that enables you to perform fast, accurate, and simplified procedures. It supports the full spectrum of spine procedures.

    Our tools provide remarkably detailed insights into anatomy, pathology, and clinical outcome during each phase of the procedure as you decide, guide, treat, and confirm. Workflow innovations, such as our FlexMove/FlexArm, can support medical teams in reducing overall procedure time and our technology enhances staff and patient safety by efficiently managing radiation dose.

    Perform spine procedures with confidence and precision

    Provides exceptional, large field-of-view 2D and 3D images that boost confidence and enhance precision throughout the procedure

    Improves understanding of the spinal anatomy by providing exceptional 3D imaging

    Cone-beam CT (SmartCT) can remove the need for post-op CT verification by providing excellent in-room cone-beam CT imaging

    Enhances the user experience thanks to greater movement flexibility through FlexMove and FlexArm, intuitive positioning guidance, and enhanced patient access

    Explore the various procedures in spine image-guided therapy

    • Spine surgery

      Spine surgery

      Solutions for Spine procedures that offer advanced real-time image guidance with exceptional workflow flexibility for the hybrid OR, that enables you to perform fast, accurate, and simplified procedures. Offered by Philips image-guided therapy.

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