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Classic⁺ feeding bottles

Anti-colic infant feeding bottle

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The clinically proven design of the Classic+ feeding bottle helps to reduce colic and discomfort¹. Its easy latch on teat and ergonomic shape provides a comfortable feeding experience for baby and parents.

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Classic+ Feeding Bottle Specifications
Material: BPA free*
Bottle design: Ergonomic shape, Wide neck
Development stages
Stages: 0-12 months
Ease of use
Bottle use: Easy to clean, Easy to hold
Ease of use: Dishwasher & microwave safe, 5 parts
Latch on: Easy latch on, Promotes nipple acceptance
Nipple: Two piece anti-colic system, Flexes to feeding rhythm
Bottle: BPA free*, Polypropylene
Nipple: BPA free*, Soft silicone
What is included
Baby Bottle: 3 pcs
Compatible with: Breast Pump, VIA cups and Classic Teats