Lumify S4-1 Broadband

Sector Array Transducer

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Deeper applications include cardiac, abdominal, FAST, OB/GYN and lung imaging.

Exceptional Portable Ultrasound

Multiple Applications

The Lumify S4-1 Transducer provides high resolution ultrasound imaging for deeper applications, including cardiac, abdominal, Fast, OB/GYN and lung imaging. Philips Lumify is the point-of-care ultrasound system that brings Philips quality ultrasound to your compatible smart device.
Imaging Simplified

Premium Philips ultrasound technology

We've optimized the image for each exam type so you don't have to. The Lumify S4-1 transducer utilizes a next-generation micro-digital broadband beamformer with dynamic range up to 170 dB (full-time input), and 65,536 digitally processed channels.