Allura Xper Biplane X-ray systems

Allura Xper FD biplane electrophysiology

Biplane X-ray systems

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Perform challenging EP procedures with new confidence on Philips family of Allura Xper FD biplane electrophysiology X-ray systems. Each provides superb visualization of complex cardiac anatomy, using contrast media & X-ray dose efficiently.

EP cockpit || Less cluttered EP lab

EP cockpit organizes your lab

EP cockpit helps make the EP lab less cluttered and more efficient by creating a more intuitive working environment and integrating data management across the EP care cycle. It organizes equipment on one movable ceiling mounted rack. To simplify workflow, images from Philips and third parties displayed on exam & control room monitors can be controlled from a single point.
EP navigator || Advanced imaging support

EP navigator for live imaging guidance

EP navigator visualizes 3D cardiac anatomy and the position of catheters, in real time, in one image, in the EP interventional lab. This information can help you carry out complex EP procedures with greater confidence, in a more intuitive way. The EndoView feature enables you to look inside the left atrium for enhanced catheter guidance.
EP X-ray dose settings || Efficient dose management

EP X-ray dose settings decrease X-ray dose

Philips Allura Xper FD biplane systems apply special EP X-ray dose settings for electrophysiology procedures. They can reduce X-ray radiation exposure for staff and patients by up to 80%.
EP cockpit XL || Less cluttered EP lab

EP cockpit XL for more viewing flexibility

See the minute details of complex anatomy more easily on the large, 56-inch high resolution LCD display of EP cockpit XL. Create custom screen layouts. Resize and enlarge images so that the most relevant information is easy to see.
Biplane design || Advanced imaging support

Biplane design enhances visualization of cardiac anatomy

The unique design of Philips biplane X-ray systems visualizes catheter and lead positions from two directions. It provides full angulation flexibility to reveal critical anatomical information.