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Philips and IBA

Proton therapy is a leading-edge external beam treatment in radiation oncology, where protons are used to irradiate cancer or other diseased tissue. The primary advantage compared to other external beam therapy modalities is the precise localization of the radiation dose. This helps spare healthy tissue, reducing side effects and the risk of secondary tumors. Although the number of centers offering proton therapy is still limited, there is potential for tremendous growth: the global proton therapy market is expected to grow to up to 1,800 particle therapy treatment rooms by 2030Philips and radiotherapy equipment company IBA have joined forces to bring proton therapy to hospitals worldwide

Growing recognition of clinical benefits

Growing recognition of clinical benefits

Proton therapy is unique in that the highest dose is delivered at the depth of the tumor target, with zero or almost no dose beyond the target. Conventional radiotherapy, on the other hand, delivers the highest dose near the point of beam entry, with the tumor dose being less than the entry dose. In addition, dose is also delivered beyond the tumor target. 

The penetration characteristics of a proton therapy beam.


These benefits are increasingly being recognized. Reports and policies from governmental bodies in the Netherlands, the UK, Denmark, and other healthcare institutions have estimated that 15 to 20% of radiation therapy patients should benefit from proton therapy from both a clinical and economic perspective. At the same time, experience at renowned academic centers shows that when accessibility to the modality is not an issue, 45% of their radiotherapy patients are referred to Proton Therapy protocols. Scientists around the world are also researching the benefits of proton therapy, and, as a consequence, the number of scientific publications has grown exponentially in the last decade.

Join forces with two industry leaders

Many hospitals are not equipped yet for proton therapy. Deciding to add a completely new treatment modality to your hospital’s services is not simple. The Philips and IBA solution, however, can simplify the decision process. IBA is a world leader in radiotherapy solutions and Philips in high-quality diagnostics. Both are working towards the same goal of improving the quality of patients’  lives. Their combined effort aims to leverage proton therapy accuracy and high quality imaging (Advanced MRI, PET and CT imaging) with the aim of increasing confidence in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, reducing short- and long-term side-effects and enhancing the quality of life of the patient before, during and after treatment. 


The joint proton center solution – including Ambient Experience to make patients feel more at ease during treatment – is already being installed in a variety of hospitals around the world.


For hospitals looking into proton therapy, this not only gives them access to this growing market of patients, it does so with  exceptional imaging and treatment solutions. 

Philips Ambient Experience designed for the IBA ProteusONE single-room proton therapy solution

Philips Ambient Experience designed for the IBA ProteusONE single-room proton therapy solution.

Preparing your hospital for the future

The global impact of cancer is a rising threat and an economic challenge. Proton therapy is the most precise form of radiation therapy available today and the perfect add-on to advanced cancer care programs to bring your institution up to the cutting-edge of radiation therapy. Its clinical efficiency has the potential to offer optimized tumor control and lower integral dose while preserving the quality of life of patients during and after treatment. Proton therapy enhances your continuum of care while boosting your research capabilities.

As industry leaders, Philips and IBA have joined forces to offer a comprehensive  solution that puts the patient at the center of cancer care, and aims to deliver sustainable economic value and improved patient care. Together, our commitment to research, collaboration and innovation aims to deliver more efficient and effective solutions to hospitals and patients worldwide. Transforming access to a better diagnosis and treatment process will help make advanced therapies available to more people.

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Written by:

Alwena Hall - International marketing manager

Alwena Hall,

International Marketing Manager

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1 Reference: MEDraysintell proton therapy market report and directory 2016

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